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GM launched a new Chevrolet commercial last week, and the video claims that the brand is more reliable than Ford, Honda, and Toyota. The ad has stopped airing after only a few days due to complaints from the competition, which challenged Chevy’s claims. And, rightfully so. Chevy has since removed the advertisement from the internet and television but claims that it was to focus on the new Silverado and not as a response to the video in question.

So why are Ford, Toyota, and Honda upset?

According to The Detroit News, Ford, Honda, and Toyota challenged the 60-second TV commercial called "Chevy surprises competitive owners when it comes to reliability."

The three carmakers demanded that the brand stop making the reliability comparison claims.

The ad was withdrawn from national TV and will be removed from local markets as well.

Although Chevrolet claims that the ad was retired to make room for a new Silverado commercial, a Toyota spokesman told the source that "through discussions with GM, we were informed they decided to pull the ad."

Chevy Claims to be More Reliable Than Honda, Toyota, Ford; Regrets it Almost Immediately
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In this ad, Chevrolet claims that a "recent nationwide survey" found that its vehicles are more reliable than the competition. The survey isn’t exactly new though. According to Jalopnik, it’s based on a survey made by French market research firm Ipsos Group S.A for 2015-model-year vehicles. It’s also based on a little more than 48,000 answers GM received to more than 840,000 letters sent to Chevrolet owners.

The claim also contradicts the latest reliability survey released by Consumer Reports, the No. 1 magazine when it comes to consumer-oriented research.

The survey placed Toyota as the second-most-reliable brand after Lexus, while Honda and Ford came in 15th and 18th, respectively. All three got better ratings than Chevrolet, which ended the survey on 23rd.

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Source: Detroit News

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