Consider your situation.

You’re a Chevy dealer.

Buick got the Enclave.

And a waiting list, and customers actually knocking at the door.

And you got: trucks and SUVs.

Sure, they said you’d get a Malibu, but they gave it to Saturn first, as the Aura. 

Well, there is hope.

The Chevrolet Traverse has been spied in Las Vegas, on the strip, though it was wearing some clothes, which is generally not considered all that good form on the strip.

It is the Enclave for the Chevy dealer.

And, you can’t wait.

The Enclave has sold so well that GM added a shift to the plant that manufactures them, and they will still be back-ordered for at least two years at the current rate of production.

But, you are, still both impatient and hopeful.

They’re going to name the thing the “Traverse.”

No one really knows why. But, then, “Enclave” isn’t exactly up there with romantic car names of the past, such as Calais, Monaco, Grand Prix, or – particularly – Caprice.

“Enclave” kinda sounds like something the Boy Scouts do.

And “Traverse” is an engineering term, isn’t it?

Well, the name hasn’t bothered the Buick dealers.

And you can’t wait for that Traverse.

Word is that it is a ’09 model, and that it will be built at the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

At least in theory, there may be a family styling cue resemblance to the Malibu.

After all these years, being a Chevy dealer might actually be a good deal.

Best thing is: rumor has it they might change the name.

Source: worldcarfans

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