It turns out that Chevrolet Silverado owners are some of the heaviest users of GM’s OnStart RemoteLInk mobile app as they keep track of their truck’s maintenance status and use features like remote start.

The news comes directly from Chevy as the automaker releases its findings. “Compared to other vehicles, trucks have a unique place in their owners’ lives,” says Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer for Silverado in a company statement. “Not only can pickups provide reliable day-to-day transportation, but they’re also a valuable tool for tackling projects at home or on the job site. It’s not surprising, then, that Silverado owners would take full advantage of RemoteLink’s ability to keep tabs on the health of their Silverado.”

RemoteLink allows Silverado owners to monitor parameters like oil level and tire pressure, along with the ability to lock, unlock, and start the vehicle from the user’s smart phone. What’s more, Chevy will soon roll out what it calls Proactive Alerts, giving drivers and fleet managers a heads-up on parts or services that will soon need attention.

On top of the RemoteLink’s capabilities, Chevy says that 99 percent of Silverado buyers opt in for the three-month/three-gigabyte trial of OnStar’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi service. Once the trail ends, the most widely chosen data plan gives owners one gigabyte of data per month.

Fleet operators can take RemoteLink’s services to the next level, thanks to a partnership with Telogis. The service provides information on each truck’s maintenance schedules, GPS location, speed, fuel economy, engine hours, idle time, and oil change intervals – all critical information for business owners.

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Why It Matters

These services give Silverado owners a digital view of their truck’s condition and service needs without ever getting their hands dirty. For some, that’s a godsend, while for others, it just makes keeping track of maintenance issues that much easier. It’s hard to imagine gearheads dropping the practice of popping their hoods on a regular basis.

For fleet owners, the service represents a huge savings of time and manpower. No longer does a fleet manager have to keep taps on individual trucks by physically inspecting each one. The Telogis service helps complete the task via an office armchair.

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