Kids to get TV in the back of the car.

Sirius the radio people are looking to provide kids TV to the back seat of your car.

Children’s TV to be beamed into your car.

Imagine the drive on the holidays, the road is clear and the kids are watching their favourite TV programmes in the back of the car, sounds like a blissful dream, yet this could be a reality in the US by as early as 2008, can’t wait? Well this service is going to provided by the digital radio people Sirius, their plan is simple, to gain as many subscribers as possible and by adding the the kids TV just offers the public another service.

Sirius plan to have the service which is only available in the rear seats of a car, as an add on to the radio service which costs around $13 per month to subscribe to at the moment, the TV will be available at an extra charge, this operates similar to the cable and satellite TV networks where you buy packages that suit your own needs.

Technically it is possible to do, but it is the practical application that needs to be sorted out, after all even car radios can dip in and out of the signal, but once these problems have been ironed out and the market sees a viable product then there will be an avalanche of providers wanting to give us Games, TV, Radio and more in the comfort of our own cars.

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