Everything in China these days is becoming bigger, higher, faster, and sometimes, a combination of all three. That’s what happens when you position yourself as one of the fastest growing countries – and in a sense, most powerful, too – in the world.

Straight from the country comes another monumental achievement, something that should prove to be a boon for a lot of its motorists. It’s called the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge and it was recently opened last June 30, immediately being cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest roadway bridge over water in the world.

So how long is this piece of architectural wonder?

From start to finish, it covers a distance of 26.4 miles, which is nothing to snicker about given its enormity. But as with bridges of this size, the name of the game is still about saving time on commutes, which ironically, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge doesn’t quite adequately accomplish, saving only 19 miles and 20 minutes off of the commute time.

Having said that, there’s still something to be said for a bridge this long and the Jiazhou Bay Bridge accomplishes that by a mile, or 26.


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