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China’s 2022 Ford Mondeo Is Proof That Sedans Are Still Alive

It’s what the Ford Fusion could have been if it wasn’t discontinued

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Just a few months ago, the Ford Mondeo was revealed ahead of its official debut by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as it seems to be the case whenever a new vehicle will soon be released in China’s huge car market. This time though, Ford has officially launched their midsize sedan, and it’s designed, engineered, and assembled in China.

While Ford has completely abandoned passenger cars in the North American market, that is not the case in China, where sedans still account for a huge chunk of sales. This essentially is a preview of what the Ford Fusion would be like if it was not discontinued in the first place.

China's 2022 Ford Mondeo Is Proof That Sedans Are Still Alive
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The new Ford Mondeo has officially been revealed in China, and it’s a midsize sedan that should have been the Fusion if it weren’t discontinued for the U.S.

Whereas the vehicle that was shown by the Chinese government is a sporty ST Line variant, what we’re now seeing is the standard model, presumably in Titanium trim.

“To design the next generation of a well-known nameplate such as Mondeo was a privilege and a challenge for our team,” said Maurizio Tocco, Chief Designer, Ford Motor Company. “We wanted to respect and acknowledge the history which had come before us while elevating the customers’ experience to the next level. The starting point of the design is always the customer and looking for innovative ways to incorporate what they need and want into the design.”

If the Mondeo looks a bit different compared to other Ford models, that’s because this midsize sedan is the first vehicle from the American automaker to wear the "Progressive Energy in Strength" design language that’s exclusive to its Chinese-exclusive vehicles. This is why it looks like its platform-mate, the Ford Evos coupe-crossover thingy, which is also exclusive to China.

China's 2022 Ford Mondeo Is Proof That Sedans Are Still Alive
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It shares the same platform as the China-exclusive Ford Evos, and they also both share the same new design language that’s exclusive to Ford’s Chinese lineup.

As such, the Mondeo possesses a similar coupe-like roofline, a distinctive front end with separate headlight clusters, and also flushed door handles. The rear end also features an LED light bar and muscular haunches that give it a sporty stance.

China's 2022 Ford Mondeo Is Proof That Sedans Are Still Alive Interior
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Unfortunately, Ford has not yet revealed its interior, but we suspect that it should share the same design as the Evos. As such, it could share the same 43-inch panel that houses a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 27-inch touch screen for the infotainment system.

China's 2022 Ford Mondeo Is Proof That Sedans Are Still Alive
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Powertrain details are also unknown at this point, but based on the EcoBoost 245 badge at the rear, the Mondeo should also have a 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine that produces 238 horsepower. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it will share the exact same powertrain as its Lincoln sibling, the Zephyr. Unfortunately, this luxury sedan is also exclusive to China.

Pricing will be announced closer to the car’s availability this 2022. The Ford Mondeo will be produced in China by the Changan Ford joint venture. Do you think American buyers are missing out on Ford’s decision to keep the Mondeo exclusive to China?

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