Bigger the US in 2020!!

With the current the growth in vehicle buying in China, the market is set to overtake the US in 2020.

China’s vehicle market increases year by year.

With the business revolution still on going within China and the knock on effect of the work force becoming more prosperous as they become more skilled and therefore their earning power increases the demand for vehicles is set to increase along with other consumer products.

There could be serious problems ahead for the car makers of the world as they must turn their attentions to the Chinese market place, at the moment the largest vehicle market in the world is the USA, but the vehicle market in China is growing and is expect to over take the USA as the number vehicle market in 2020 or there abouts, in 2004 they had a market share of just under six percent and in 2005 this had grown to just under thirteen percent a massive increase by any ones standards, this trend is set to continue year by year, passenger vehicles make up around sixty percent of these figures.

This has all sorts of potential headaches for the motor industry of the west, China has its own auto industry and has taken over several brands such as the old Rover brand from the UK, yet we will have to wait and see if they have the capacity to not only supply the Chinese market but also expand into exporting their cars and other vehicles.

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