The Chinese have done it again, or in this case, a certain Chinese fellow has provided us with even more ammunition to make light of their copycat-loving nature. Chen Jinmiao may not have the abundant resources Chinese automakers have, but one thing’s for sure: the man has no shortage in resourcefulness.

Using just about every piece of crap he could find, Jinmiao built his own Lamborghini from the ground up. Now, the car doesn’t look anywhere near one of Sant’Agata’s finest, but with only about $3,000 to spare, Jinmiao certainly made the most out of it.

We’re going to give him an A+ for the time and effort he put to piece together his "Legoborghini", even outfitting it with its own running engine that’s capable of producing a staggering top speed of around 60 mph. Sarcasm aside, that doesn’t even come remotely close to the performance of true Lambos, but like we said, Jinmiao didn’t exactly have a fountain of resources to tap into.

And he did to this all by his lonesome, which still warrants a round of applause from us.

Photo credit to CFP.


Source: Gammasquad

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  (228) posted on 03.16.2011

haha. the compartment of the car wherein the engine of the "Lamborghini" is located actually looks like a garbage can. But i have to praise the finished car. Its really looks like a real Lamborghini but sort of edgysmiley

  (1211) posted on 10.22.2010

the good thing is they admit that its hideous!

  (745) posted on 08.27.2010

That’s so funny! Well I guess he had so much time to focus on this matter.

  (274) posted on 08.15.2010

Chinese are really great, copycons. But still I applaud their work, it’s really great. They can even make the same one but with added features.

  (612) posted on 05.7.2010

hmm i guess he’s totally bored with his life... he wanted to do something different that he hasn’t done before...

  (515) posted on 05.6.2010

hahaha so what engine did they used here? with the small engine bay i bet he used a 4 cylinder and non turbo engine.

  (347) posted on 05.5.2010

I never knew that lamborghini can be copied. Am sure if this man had some budget. I think it can almost copied everything in lamborghini.

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