There’s ugly and then there’s a whole new level of ugly. This Porsche Cayenne Turbo might just very well be the poster child for the latter.

We don’t know how anybody could be possessed to dress up their Porsche Cayenne like this, but apparently someone in Dubai decided that it was a good idea to use this color – it’s a brownish-chocolate kind of shade – on a Cayenne.

Over in the Middle East, we’ve seen a lot of exotic cars get dressed up to the nines by their owners. While some of them have succeeded magnificently with their digs, others have whiffed miserably with their choices of color. We don’t need to ask you if you know which group we think the owner of this chocolate/rust-colored Porsche Cayenne Turbo belongs to.

In one word: blech.


Source: GT Spirit

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  (777) posted on 10.26.2011

I have to agree on the title of this news, and looking by its picture it seems that it was made by a sludge, and it really don’t look good on it but to be honest at first I thought that it was a real chocolate. smiley

  (334) posted on 09.13.2011

Not a sweet tooth for me for a Porsche Cayenne. it would be better if it was color on neon and just black.

  (340) posted on 09.22.2010

It’s the only chocolate that doesn’t have any appeal to me.

  (134) posted on 08.2.2010

What’s going on with the Arabs? They have very odd way of designing their cars and that makes all car enthusiast not so happy.

  (406) posted on 05.4.2010

Looks sweet! But I still prefer the colors red and black since it makes the car more classy and elegant.

greenmann  (18) posted on 04.6.2010

It is the most expensive piece of sh**t in the world !

greenmann  (666) posted on 04.6.2010

Well all i can say is UGLY...

greenmann  (708) posted on 04.4.2010

100% agree to that the car looks horrible. The level? To the highest level.

greenmann  (859) posted on 03.30.2010

LMAO good thing that it didn’t melt under the heat of sun.

greenmann  (460) posted on 03.29.2010

Hmm, it seems to me that his dress up and succeeded for himself but for others it was a disaster.

greenmann  (18) posted on 03.29.2010

This ’’chocolate’’ has no taste at all !

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