Most Bentleys are known for huge amounts of power and torque, high top speeds, lavish interiors and elegant designs, so seeing one getting wrung out on a test track is nothing short of spectacular. This is exactly what Chris Harris did recently with a Continental GT3-R, and the video is mesmerizing.

Built in a limited edition of just 300 units – all of which have been sold already – the Bentley Continental GT3-R is essentially the road-going version of the Continental GT3, although it doesn’t share as many features with the race car as Bentley would like you to believe. Chris Harris found that out while trying to make the four-wheeled elephant tap dance, but in his words that is not exactly a bad thing. The Conti GT3-R is probably a much better grand tourer than the Conti GT V8.

Sure, because of the shorter axle ratio it has a much lower top speed ("just" 170 mph, compared to 188 mph for the GT V8), but that has never stopped a grand tourer from showing its best bits in other areas. It seems that the GT3-R, despite its 4,839 pounds, is a lot more agile and just as comfortable as its V8-powered brothers. I’m still not too comfortable with the look of its rear wing and those stickers though, maybe next-year’s more hardcore version will look a bit less weird.

Bentley Continental GT3-R

2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R High Resolution Exterior
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