Another four wheeled wonder that we encountered outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center was one time drag racer turned road course warrior Chris Rado’s time attack Scion TC. While Mr. Rado is better known for his straight line accomplishments and a pair of sideburns that would even make Sir Jackie Stewart jealous, when he decided to give a go at turning the wheel in between the long stretches of tarmac in the Redline Time Attack racing series, he and his crew at World Racing put together this interesting little black and white Scion TC. Now the first thing that should strike you as odd about this sport compact from Japan is the extremely large front wing that has been mounted to the race ready TC’s hood and front bumper, while this isn’t the first attempt by man to manipulate every stream of air flowing around a moving body, it is one of the more memorable ones.


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  (515) posted on 01.4.2010

I’m just curious on that front wing if what will be the use of that on a car. I feel kinda stupid on thinking and for what I know, it may not help. Maybe it’s their purpose to do that to attract people on that show even the car kinda odd.

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