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Christian von Koenigsegg is a brilliant, fascinating individual. As the founder of Koenigsegg Automotive, the 44 year-old Swede has created some of the fastest, most technologically advanced sports cars on the planet, including such greats as the world-beating One:1, a car that boasts one horsepower for every kg of curb weight. Managing a spec sheet like that is no small feat, and Koenigsegg himself has been instrumental in coming up with much of the engineering magic that makes his cars such incredible performers. And with that technical mindset comes an interesting perspective, especially when applied to subjects typically at odds with speed and driver engagement – like autonomous vehicles, for example. Our friends over at /Drive sat down with Mr. Koenigsegg to discuss the issue, and the result is this intriguing 12-minute, 30-second video interview.

Unsurprisingly, the interviewer begins the discussion by mentioning Tesla, and Koenigsegg relates his own experience driving on public roads behind the wheel of his personal Model S. Other topics include how autonomous vehicles will change the industry, what skills will be needed in the transition to full autonomy, privacy and data, and how new generations will see cars in the future.

With regards to when we’ll see the age of no steering wheel transportation pods, Koenigsegg has this to say: “I think it’s much closer than people realize.”


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