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As if getting excited over the upcoming release of Gran Turismo Sport isn’t enough for gamers, Sony and Polyphony Digital just upped the ante after announcing a new limited edition Gran Turismo Sport Playstation 4 console. Turns out, this new console is even more reason for gamers to start counting the days to October 18, the date Sony stamped as the official release of both the special edition console and the game itself.

Befitting its special edition status, the Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Console is going to be offered with some pretty impressive specs. For starters, it’s going to be based on the latest Slim 1TB version of the PS4. It’ll also feature unique cosmetic features, none more prominent than the silver faceplate that bears the Gran Turismo logo. Even the matching Dualshock 4 wireless controller will be finished in silver, making it the only limited edition PS4 console that will proudly carry these colors. Those who end up buying the console will also receive a special Day-1 edition of the game, which itself comes with in-game credits amounting to $250,000 on top of some livery sticker packs, a chrome racing helmet, and 60 PS4 avatars. Those who aren’t sold on buying the console itself do have the option of only buying the limited edition controller, which is expected to be bundled with a standard edition of the game and a Grand Turismo-branded touch pad.

About the only downside to the special edition console is availability, at least as far as U.S. customers are concerned. Though pricing details have not been announced, Sony has announced that the console will be available in the U.K., Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. There’s no word yet from Sony on whether the console will hit our shores, but until it says it does, work on the assumption that we’ll be on the outside looking in as far as this special edition GTS-themed PS4 console is concerned.


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