It’s not as ghastly as the Corvette from Hell we showed you a few days ago – some people even dig the whole body chrome treatment, though we’re not one of them – but the owner of this BMW 328i really went through the proverbial needle’s eye to make his car look as – for better or worse – as attention-grabbing as it can get.

We’re big fans of chrome detailing if done correctly. As far as we’re concerned, this one isn’t one of them. Maybe it’s the overall package of the car or maybe it’s just those tacky white outlines that makes it look more like a toy car than anything else; either way we’re not big fans of how this customized 328 turned out.

What do you guys think?


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  (302) posted on 02.15.2011

Both the 323i and 328i receive improvements to their respective drivetrains. Among these are a lighter aluminum block, a more advanced variable valve timing system :

  (528) posted on 02.15.2011

Everyone from Italian government ministers — the foreign and environment ministers, together in a 1929 Alfa Romeo Giulietta this year — to celebrities and wealthy collectors has been known to participate.

  (666) posted on 12.9.2010

IMO it looks ugly honestly i cant appreciate it’s looks.but how about how about the engine specs? MPH? RPM? Top SPEED? it looks kinda fast...

  (1) posted on 04.5.2010

dont think anyone is calling him for custom design either way fake or real

  (708) posted on 04.4.2010

@ greenmann - I think so too greenmann, I guess this is a part of april fools joke.

  (18) posted on 04.1.2010

I think this is a joke, someone just stole his car and made a joke on him )) i think this is awfull !!!

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