A few days after showing you Flo Rida’s chrome Bugatti Veyron, we were given word that another supercar just got the chrome treatment: the Lexus LF-A.

This particular LF-A is being touted as the first one of its kind to be wrapped in chrome, which was done by a company called Exotic Graphix. The supercar is expected to make its debut at the annual MotorEx 2012 car show in Australia and is getting considerable attention because a) it looks awesome, and b) becomes it looks really, really awesome.

We know the trick with chrome-wrapped cars and how it’s tough to keep aesthetic maintenance of the car considering its chrome nature. But if you can make it worth the time and resources, you have a supercar that just blows you away just by looking at it.

This is one of them. About the only thing more staggering than its aesthetics is the monstrous price tag attached to it: AUD$779,000. That’s around $800,000 based on current exchange rates.


Source: Exotic Graphix

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