Used, but very reasonably priced.
$8,000 minimum bid on eBay.
for one of the 1600 original C-300 Chryslers built in 1955.
The car is described as complete, though with some minor rust-through in the rockers – though currently located in California, it was originally a Wisconsin car, according to the seller. But it is missing the tail light lenses – parts which were not unique to the 300, but shared with other ’55 Chryslers. Plus, the seller will throw in a complete factory air conditioning system, should the buyer wish to retrofit it to the car (which originally did not have air).
The other detraction is the engine: it’s from a ’57 300, not the original engine, and it’s out of the car.
But, for $8,000 it seems quite reasonably priced. Obviously, not in perfect condition, but in very acceptable condition for restoration. Something to do in those cold winter months (probably for several years to come.) Bidding ends on December 21st, so it could be had in time for Christmas.

Source: eBay

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