In truck recalls, that is.
Yesterday, Ford announced that it was recalling 1.2 million trucks.
Today, Chrysler could only muster a recall of 576,000 trucks. 
The Chrysler truck recall extends, like the Ford recall, to SUVs and Vans. It includes 2001 and 2002 Durango’s, Dakota’s, and Ram vans and pick-ups. It is based on a flaw in the gearshift. According to a Chrysler statement, "In a limited number of cases, long-term wear on the shift assembly can erode the height of the shift blocker, creating the potential that the vehicle could shift out of park without the key in the ignition."
But, in one area, Chrysler wins hands down. According to Ford, the flaw in the crankshaft sensor circuit leading to its recall has caused accidents, but no injuries. Not so at Chrysler. “Nine incidents involving injuries have been identified in connection with this issue. No fatalities have been reported." None of the injuries, according to Chrysler were life-threatening and "most involved cuts and bruises."

Source: afp

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  (68) posted on 12.10.2007

When I recently heard about this, I was like "AGAIN?!?". Didn’t they have this same problem 10 years ago?? I remember my aunt’s ’97 Jeep Grand Cherokee was recalled for the same problem...around ’99 or so. And I remember that they had this same recall issued at least a few more times since then.

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