A day after announcing the Recovery and Transformation Plan, Chrysler Group Chief Executive Tom LaSorda spoke on the Paul W. Smith show on Detroit radio station 760 WJR.

LaSorda tells “We’re not just going to sit back and say, let’s wait to see what happens.”

He emphasized that the product pipeline and investment has NOT been cut in the plan, and in fact, $3 billion will be invested in new engines, transmissions and axles, which will improve quality and fuel efficiency.

Most analysts agree on the fact that Chrysler is not a bad company and it could even be a good investment if it went for sale. So far Daimler Chrysler did not talk about any eventual sale of Chrysler, but rumors are spreading.

so far the stock is doing really good, and the announce of a Recovery Plan yesterday had a very beneficial effect on the stock (+8% that same day)

Chrysler Group Chief talks about the future, after 13.000 jobs cut
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GM is doing a lot better this year while they were in bad position last year, so let’s see if Chrysler can get back on track with new products like the new Dodge Charger.

Source: WJR radio interview

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