As if people need to be reminded that Chrysler bagged Motor Trend’s "Truck of the Year" award for the 2010 Ram Heavy Duty, the company decided to announce their achievement by installing a 140-foot tall and 120-foot wide building wrap at its company headquarters at Pentastar Central in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The building wrap is so huge that it actually covers the entire side of the Chrysler HQ, which, unless you’re blind, you will have a hard time missing. We’re all proponents of celebrating one’s achievement, but we prefer to do it in a low-key kind of way. On the other hand, Chrysler did exactly the opposite.

According to Ram Truck president and CEO, Fred Diaz, the purpose of the wrap was to "share the company’s pride in the Ram Heavy Duty - as well as the Ram 1500 - with our employees that work hard each day to support this company." Coudn’t they have just bought them all a Ram or maybe just a gift certificate to a fancy dinner?

The enormous building wrap that covers one side of the entire building can be seen by about 200,000 motorists that travel along the Interstate-75 in Auburn Hills, Mich., every day. If Chrysler really wanted to get people’s attention, this building wrap is doing a marvelous job at that.


Source: Chrysler

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  (683) posted on 02.20.2011

You guys can say what you want but these still are cool to drive buy. In the past Ford has decorated the side of the building.

  (402) posted on 02.20.2011

I wish Ford could do something similar with the glass house. They have great new products that could bust out the windows.

  (377) posted on 04.29.2010

Chrysler is also a good brand too but I still prefer Ford. Good job too!

  (518) posted on 04.12.2010

ERRRRR... Chrysler engine truck , it drinks a lot of fuel.

  (798) posted on 04.12.2010

They just want to show the world that they beat the famous ford high-powered and high torque engines.

  (1023) posted on 04.12.2010

Oh well I can’t belive that they’ve beaten the Ford. Its truck engine are way better than the RAM.

  (1333) posted on 04.11.2010

I’m pretty sure that they are better than the GMC Silverado and sierra denali HD?

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