The Chrysler saga continues. Automotive News is reporting that Chrysler Group LLC is recalling 575,000 Jeeps and Dodge and Chrysler minivans for brake line and wiring defects.

The automaker recalled 288,968 Jeeps Wrangles from model year 2001 through 2010 to repair damage done to brake lines after liners inside the fenders rubbed against them. This contact may cause brakes to fail and fluid to leak, raising the risk for a crash, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

Chrysler said it wasn’t aware of any accidents caused by the defect on June 1. The repairs should begin this month and the agency told owners to call 1-800-853-14903 or visit the NHTSA’s website.

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“A brake fluid leak can cause partial loss of service brakes at the affected wheel, increasing the risk of a crash,” NHTSA said in the statement.

The automaker also recalled 284,831 Dodge Grand Caravans and Chrysler Town & Country vans from model year 2008 and 2009. The recall is for the sliding-door hinge that can wear through wire insulation. This could cause a short or a fire in the vehicle.

Chrysler learned of the problem with the Jeep on Feb. 25, according to a letter sent to the NHTSA.

The Fiat SpA controlled company will recall the vehicles “to inspect and remove potential areas of liner contact with the brake line,” Chrysler spokesman Nick Cappa said in an e-mail. Repairs will be made without charge to the customer, he said.

Last week, Chrysler had another recall for Dodge and Jeep vehicles for sticky accelerator pedals.Ford Motor Co is also being investigated for the same problem.

Bad news again for the Detroit automakers.

Source: Automotive News

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  (702) posted on 06.9.2010

The brake problem appears to be an improperly formed brake booster rod retaining clip and no deaths have resulted from this defect yet.

  (325) posted on 06.8.2010

Well, I guess this will took them so long to recall all of that jeeps and minivans and am sure this would be a long hard work.

  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

I’ve seen numerous Chrysler Town & Country rollin over the steets here I hope they’ve already gone into inspection on the service center.

  (798) posted on 06.7.2010

Well this is a major problem. Overbrake can puncture a hole through the break linings causing the fluid to lead and dry the Hydro-Vac system.

  (13) posted on 06.7.2010

In my opinion they should just drop the Chrysler line. Have they ever built a good car? If they have its way before my time! I’m just glad know one has gotten hurt!

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