The original pony car may soon be rising out of the ever-diminishing muscle car ashes to instill fear in the hearts of the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, and Chevrolet Camaro while also scrounging up some of their growing profit. Chrysler has just registered the word "Cuda" as a trademark under "passenger vehicles, their structural parts, trim and badges", leading all of us to believe that the rumors that have been filtering their way into our hopeful ears will soon come to fruition. Soon, we may just have our Cuda back.

It may not be a sure thing as of yet, since Bill Cawthon has already stated that Chrysler may be registering the name to prohibit others from using it, but we see no reason why Chrysler would not want to resurrect a model that will surely mix up the muscle car competition.

Some fear that, if the Cuda comes back, it will be a Charger replica while others say that the move by Chrysler may simply be to produce a limited run of the vehicle. Either way, we would love to get the chance to ride around in a brand new Cuda. Miami Vice was given a second chance, why can’t the Cuda?

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  (384) posted on 06.24.2011

So what’s wrong? Dodge Challenger is quite a good production. I have seen its appearance on the Fast and the Furious movie. And I wonder if it perform the same in real life.

  (397) posted on 06.24.2011

hmm. Chrysler is very slow in producing car! I haven’t see them in the news nowadays. What they are working on? They didn’t reveal any details. And please, I don’t want to see a replica of the Charger!

  (939) posted on 04.4.2011

Well, I think this is inspired from a vintage car. The styling for the front is kind of outdated, but I like the aggressive look of the Cuda! 

  (406) posted on 03.9.2011

what happened? Before they have reintroduce the Plymouth as the remake of the Cuda. Perhaps, it has a high performance like the Chevy.

  (727) posted on 01.25.2011

Cuda was a Plymouth, that brand is long dead, Chrysler’s catalog whittled down to just Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler marques.

  (211) posted on 01.25.2011

The Dodge Challenger has returned to the market, and while not being the sales-leader in the pony car segment, has a popular following and is selling in steady numbers.

  (858) posted on 12.28.2010

A Dodge Challenger with a 1971-style grill and ‘Cuda stickers could be the car that they plan on making.

  (714) posted on 12.28.2010

Chrysler Barracuda has a nice ring to it. They should have done that instead of Challenger due to the legendary status of the 1970 - 1971 Cudas.

  (647) posted on 12.27.2010

What Chrysler will do with the name is still unknown. A ‘Cuda may never be built, but Chrysler is known to build “special edition” cars and trucks using classic Mopar names like the Super Bee and Daytona.

  (806) posted on 12.27.2010

Chrysler Barracuda has a nice ring to it. They should have done that instead of Challenger due to the legendary status of the 1970 - 1971 Cudas.

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