Chrysler, LLC will be introducing a “start-stop” feature on its vehicles, to the end of about a 5% fuel economy improvement, according to Automotive News, an industry publication. Chrysler’s executive vice-president of product development, Frank Klegon, is quoted by AN as saying that the system will be an option costing several hundred dollars and will be available “pretty soon.” The system automatically stops the engine when the vehicle is stopped and restarts it when the brake is released.
Similar systems are in use in BMW vehicles and are planned for some future General Motors vehicles, as well. While the system doesn’t save as much fuel as competing technologies, it is more easily adapted to current auto engines and, hence, can be rolled out rather more quickly.
Chrysler has apparently decided that it wishes to carve out a “green” niche in the automotive market for itself. To that end, it is emphasizing battery powered vehicles that use non-existent technology in its Detroit Auto Show concept cars, to be displayed this coming January. 
No word on whether it will incorporate this technology in the upcoming new Dodge Ram pick-up.

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tango  (372) posted on 11.28.2007

What’s the wait for? VW offered this system on the Polo Formel E way back in 1983. No rocket science required, just do it and get it over with.

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