An odd tidbit has surfaced from the Chrysler – UAW contract talks. According to the Wall Street Journal, Chrysler LLC – that’s the “new” Chrysler – want to sell or close its parts division, Mopar. This has come up in the contract talks because the employees at Mopar are, of course, members of the United Auto Workers. It is also reported that Chrysler wants to close the unit that manages parts deliveries to its factories, Chrysler Transport. The union opposes both moves, which appear designed to cut 1300 jobs from the company’s payroll.
The Journal reports that Mopar is the Chrysler high performance and specialty parts unit if Chrysler. Other news sources, including Bloomberg, have picked up on the story.
But it’s not true.

What Chrysler is proposing is to close one parts distribution warehouse, not the entire parts operation.
According to the Louisville, Kentucky Courier Journal, Chrysler has proposed closing the parts warehouse in Center Lime, Michigan, as well as selling or closing the trucking operation that takes parts to the company’s plants. Presumably, Chrysler figures it doesn’t need the warehouse and that it could contract out the transportation services.
So, don’t worry. Even if Chrysler gets its way, you’ll still be able to buy that crate hemi at your local dealer’s parts counter.

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