They don’t build pickups better than Chuck Norris

We all have our favorite Chuck Norris jokes, but apparently, we all forgot about the power of his autograph. That’s right; it’s been scientifically proven that Chuck Norris’ signature can turn random objects into all-conquering superheroes. Take a look at what happens to the Toyota Tacoma once it got bestowed with Chuck’s perfectly legible John Hancock.

Thanks to this new Toyota commercial about the Tacoma, we now know what happens when the pickup is signed by the baddest beard on the planet. It doesn’t just tow 6,500 pounds worth of mass; it can rescue a stranded civilian who somehow ends up buried up to his neck on the ground with a single rope that launches from behind the Toyota logo on the front grille.

As if its physical prowess and ingenuity aren’t good enough, the Chuck Norris-signed Tacoma can also beat a grandmaster in chess by simply staring at him, climb up a tree to retrieve a wayward football, and surf the world’s highest waves without even getting wet. That’s only a handful of talents the Tacoma has if it’s infused with the Chuck Norris ink. The commercial doesn’t show it, but apparently, the Tacoma can also end world hunger while sunbathing, solve political conflicts by turning on its headlights, and shatter the space-time continuum when it hits its redline.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Tacoma, by itself, is built tough by Toyota. But the Tacoma with Chuck Norris’ signature on it? Cancel the Avengers. Disband the Justice League. We finally have the hero we need and deserve.

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