Mini and Fiat 500 watch out! Citroen is about to bring serious competition for you: the 2 CV and Infomotori shows us how it might look like!

The first 2 CV ("Deux Chevaux") was launched in 1939 and became famous by its simplicity but also its funny looked that inspired the future generations.

The new 2 CV will be based on the Citroen C3’s platform (same used in the Peugeot 207) and will be a life-style oriented model, so the low-cost won’t be one of the priorities.

Citroen 2 CV renderings
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Old Citroen 2 CV

Under the hood there will be a hybrid engine next to the well-known 1.4 liters HDI engine.

Source: Infomotori

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pdaix  (433) posted on 10.22.2007

I believe the 2Cv was successful, especially int he country side because it was dirt cheap and it had extremely simple engine and chassis. This rendering look more like a luxury hatchback. This is very far from the original concept. Why are they competing in this segment where they will be against VW Golf. Why not sticking to the low profile cheap car that the 2CV always was. Make it under $6,000 and then we might have an interesting car.

pdaix  (372) posted on 10.22.2007

There’s a slight problem with this comparison. The Mini and 500 all have racing heritage...something that the 2CV unfortunately lacks. Many people remember the 2CV from it being featured in the James Bond 007 movie "For Your Eyes Only". To its credit, it DID outrun a pair of Peugeot 504s, but that’s hardly a sporting background, seeing that some of that running was done on its roof! LOL. Therefore, I doubt it will be the success that the Mini has become.

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