Citroen to build "Loeb" C2 and C4.

The Citroen C2 and C4 are to have special editions made named after World Rally Championship Winner Sebastian Loeb.

Citroen are to build special “Loeb” editions of the C2 and C4.

French car company Citroen are going to produce special editions of the C2 and C4 cars, they are to be named Loeb after the World Rally Championship three time winner Sebastian Loeb.

Ordinarily both the Citroen C2 & C4 are great little cars, they are designed well, are reliable and as with many small cars these days are fitted out to high standard, yet we have to question special editions, are they really special or are they just a clever marketing ploy? If you just compare the names, Citroen, C2 and Sebastian Loeb, all that enters your mind is the rally car churning up the mud, sand and dust of the World Rally Championship circuits, yet is there any comparison between the car we see in the rallies and the special Loeb editions of the C2 and C4? Well, put simply no, the cars are really just the standard versions of the C2 and C4 with some added extras like spoiler, wheels and interior that has some fancy brushed aluminium parts including the gear knob and colour coded furnishings, apart from these changes the engine, gear box and the rest of the running gear are left untouched.

So basically the cars are just a special edition with a world champion rally driver name attached to it, and should be looked upon as a bit of fun that is if you want to pay the extra for it.

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