Citroen is making a bold statement about being dull. The company is acknowledging that it needs to change, and it’s time to revise its whole image."The brand has been lagging behind the cars for some time. We’re taking action today so customers want to come to Citroen for what the brand represents and not just out of interest in a given model, " said PSA/Peugeot-Citroen styling director Jean-Pierre Ploue.

Citroen bringing back the DS line
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The first step in this is to resurrect the Citroen DS at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The original DS of the 50s started the company down a strange and wonderful road of eccentric and futuristic-looking cars. Some features were revolutionary such as the hydraulic suspension (that saved then-French President Charles de Gaulle) or the first headlight the saw around corners. While other features were downright quirky like the single spoke steering wheel. The car was different from everything else on the road during its over twenty-year run.

Now citroen is looking to the historical name to launch three DS-based cars and relaunch the brand. The first one will be called the DS3 and is being developed for a possible 2009 or 2010 launch. Will this round of DS cars be as generation defining as the first? We hope so. But we also hope Citroen will be able to top the 60-143 hp range of the original cars.


Source: Automotive News

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adrian  (90) posted on 02.5.2009

Not sure how reliable they are, but they definitely start looking very good.

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