At the official ceremony held on 8 march in Geneva, the C-Metisse will receive the Louis Vuitton Classic Concept Award 2006 for the year’s best prototype vehicle.

The luxury coupe’s elegant design, exceptional travelling comfort, remarkable performance and environmental respect completely won over the jury.

Citroen C-Metisse - 2006's best prototype vehicle
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C-Métisse is based on the same future-oriented solution as the C4 HDi hybrid demonstration vehicle presented by Citroën at the start of the year apart from one key difference: the electric motors are installed in the rear wheels. This configuration is coherent with vehicle performance and optimises traction. Perfectly suited to the character of C-Métisse, the design reflects Citroën’s expertise in the various hybrid architectures, as well as demonstrating its commitment to cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Looking at C-Métisse is a visual shock in itself. Long (4.74 m), wide (2 m) and low (1.24 m), the car is sculptural and almost intimidating. It demands immediate respect. However, far from creating a sense of distance between the onlooker and the car, this respect is mingled with an irresistible appeal, an absolute attraction. Whether we’re looking at the rear wheel arches, the bonnet or even the boot, an astonishing sensuality is reflected in the car’s curving, sleekly muscled volumes.

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