The Citroen GT Concept was just a dream car for the French company. It was first built in the digital world to give players of Gran Turismo 5 a Citroen to lust after. Citroen then showed it off as purely a dream car at the Paris Motor Show last October.

Citroen confirms GT Supercar production
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But then people who had real money got interested in the car, and by December, Citroen changer its mind. It started thinking about how the GT could be built.

The reason why the GT concept is making news again is because it seems Citroen is taking another step towards production by looking at using a more practical powerplant. The original specs for the car had it using a hydrogen fuel cell, but Citroen hinted to Autocar that they will likely borrow a gas-guzzler from Ford or General Motors to make this supercar.

We got to see the concept again, and we’ll still gladly welcome it in our driveway, even if the engine is no longer out to save the world.


Source: AutoCar

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