The French automaker, Citroen, unveiled the DS Concept at the Geneva Motor Show, the car was a preview version of what the future will look like for Citroen. As you know, in the end, the concept will be the basis for three different cars: the DS3, the DS4 and the DS5.

The DS4 sedan it is expected to debut in 2011 and if it will look like in this rendering for sure will be a strong competitor on its market.


Source: AutoJournal

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  (182) posted on 06.8.2009

I saw the article in the internet that you cited. But I think that this is the worst one, "I cannot believe that Citroen would WASTE a design icon like this!!! Might as well have called a wind "brick" though I must admit it sounds relative." But I stand by my perception about it because just by looking at the photos, I can sense the comfort that it can surely provide me.

  (183) posted on 06.8.2009

The DS models have received negative feedbacks from car enthusiasts. I was googling them just now until I saw it. "It is an insult to the consumers intelligence. It’s like calling a matchbox a Zippo lighter."

  (182) posted on 06.8.2009

DS, which literally means, Different Spirit, is sure to give the driver a different aura while driving these cars. Just by looking at it. I can imagine the comfort that it can provide you.

  (177) posted on 06.8.2009

Aside from the three variations for the DS models, I’m still looking forward for the DS5 nameplates that will arrive in the showroom in 2011. They said its an upper-sized sedan.

  (182) posted on 06.8.2009

I read from somewhere that has one of the best interiors ever. Mark Lloyd, British designer of the DS models, have carefully styled these cars to give it a remarkable distinction. The photos available for the DS3 actually reminds me of the two-door Suzuki Swift that I saw in a recent car show.

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