Top Speed reported not too long ago that the French automaker Citroen, is considering a limited production run of their racing simulator inspired GT Concept. Citroen, a company that has never produced a super car will have to make up their minds in the next couple of weeks.

The man in charge of the French operation, Citroen’s product boss Vincent Besson, said that it is very likely that there will be a production version of the GT Concept, but there will definitely be no more that 15 built and each one will be priced at around $1.4 Million.

However, unlike the concept, the production version will get a Ford or General Motors supplied V8 engine that will put out somewhere around 500 HP. If consumers show enough interest, the production GT might even make it to Frankfurt, with sales starting as early as next year.


Source: AutoCar

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  (177) posted on 06.2.2009

Simple economics would make us understand the almost irrational price tag attached to the future supercar of citroen. As the demand goes down, the prices goes up. If you noticed, many of us here in topspeed are shocked by the mere existence of the car! Harhar. LOL.

  (182) posted on 06.2.2009

In fairness to Citroen, they also had very good record about cars. They were the first ones to ever mass-produced a front wheel drive car and other significant models such as the H Van and the 2CV. They are newbie in manufacturing supercars but I think that they would be able to do it. The only question now I is that why is that expensive?

  (183) posted on 06.2.2009

Even if I were the richest man alive, I would never invest millions of bucks for a super car manufactured by Citroen. There are better ones who are already tested over time who would not only perform better but cost lesser too!

  (421) posted on 06.2.2009

Very few cars even those described as supercars cost a million. Would someone pay an enormous amount for a Citroen? It would be exclusive, look stunning and go very fast I think that would attract enough oil rich consumers to wave a few bucks at it. So yeah lets see it built and see if we can get hold of one to test!

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