The wild design could preview an upcoming flagship

Citroen has been making headlines with its wild-looking vehicles since the 1950s, and although most of its current production models aren’t very innovative when it comes to styling, its modern concept cars are as wild as they get. The Cxperience concept, which was just unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, falls in the same category.

Inspired by the "high-tech world on the outside and the furnishings/travel on the inside," the Cxperience is Citroen’s take on the hatchback of the future. But, don’t let the tailgate fool you, this vehicle is nearly five meters long, which makes it larger than any of the company’s production models for the European market (and second to only the China-spec C6).

Could it preview a new flagship model? Anything is possible really, but until we find out more about that, we’re looking at a concept car whose mission is to amaze. And it does a very good job thanks to its futuristic design, concave rear window, rear-hinged doors, and active aerodynamics. Up front, it has V-shaped headlamps with one LED strip extending toward the wheel arches, and the other one toward the bumper. The light signature is unique to the Cxperience and may preview a look that Citroen will adopt in the near future. Three more directional LED headlamps are mounted into massive cutouts in the bumper, above the mobile flaps designed to open and close depending on how much air the drivetrain needs.

The rear end was designed in a similar fashion and sports beefy wheel arches, V-shaped taillights with LED strips and slim indicators with clear covers in the middle. The taillights and part of the bumper are integrated into massive, triangular cutouts that mimic those seen in the front.

The interior is a mix of flowing design lines, clean features, and premium materials. The wooden dashboard features a tubular cutout that become wider toward the door panels, while the steering wheel, center stack, and instrument cluster look clean and simple. The seats are upholstered in a flashy Citrus Yellow fabric, as is the dashboard cutout, the door panels, and the center console. The massive, 19-inch, 16/3 format touchscreen groups all the on-board functions, including air conditioning, driving aids, navigation and media sources. The car also features a range of connected services, enabling the driver to open the gate or garage door from a distance or receive home deliveries. The center console houses a dedicated smartphone stand with inductive recharging.

As you’d expect from a 21st century concept car, the Cxperience gets its juice from a hybrid drivetrain. The unnamed gasoline engine generates "between 150 and 200" horsepower, while the electric motor adds "up to 80 kW" (107 horsepower) of additional energy. Total output is estimated at 300 horsepower, while the all-electric range is rated at 60 km (about 37 miles).

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Why it matters

The Cxperience is the kind of concept car that easily gets you excited. It’s exterior design is wild to look at, the interior is downright flamboyant, while the drivetrain is powerful, yet fuel-efficient. However, getting too excited about it is okay only if you’re not expecting a production model. The Cxperience may inspire a new flagship sedan, but let’s face it, the production car won’t borrow more than just a few features.

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Press Release

CXPERIENCE CONCEPT brings a fresh new approach to the hatchback segment. This innovative plug-in hybrid concept is immediately recognisable with its distinctive style, concave rear window, cleverly designed rear-hinged doors and is the latest demonstration of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. Inspired by the high-tech world, the CXPERIENCE CONCEPT includes a 19-inch central console, smartphone and mobile tablet to activate a number of on-board functions, ConnectedCAM Citroën™ and features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain with efficient performance, power and versatility.

At Paris Motor Show, advanced technologies and services designed to enhance mobility and the driving experience will play a key role. On-board systems include ConnectedCAM CitroënTM in New C3, Citroën Connect Nav (a new online 3D navigation system with voice recognition technology), and Citroën Connect Packs (monitoring, mapping, tracking) being added to the Citroën Connect Box range with the SOS & Assistance Pack.

Also on display on the Citroën stand will be the Citroën C1 with the Airscape discoverable version and new Jelly Red colour; the Citroën C4 CACTUS Rip Curl Special Edition and other vehicles such as Berlingo XTR and C3 Picasso.

Visitors will be able to discover the CXPERIENCE CONCEPT, with a 360° virtual reality tour of the car’s interior, and an original animation called photocall ConnectedCAM Citroën™ which offers a unique experience for New C3. “La Maison Citroën” provides visitors with an opportunity to listen to music, recharge their smartphones, configure a vehicle and experiment with the latest Citroën technologies including the new “Share with U” app.

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