What would a major international motor show be without a quirky concept vehicle in attendance attracting a strong following?

And given that this is the Paris Motor Show, we shouldn’t be surprised that Citroen is bringing with them a concept vehicle that they collaborated with French clothing brand Lacoste. Predictably enough, the concept is being called the “Citroen Lacoste Concept”.

The buggy-looking concept certainly has a lot of reference to the image of Lacoste, one that promotes a colorful, vibrant, and sporty lifestyle. Look more closely and you’ll notice a number of allusions to sports, including the golf ball-inspired alloy wheels and tennis net parts you can find scattered around the car’s unique body. The concept’s interior is also replete with Lacoste references including t-shirt-inspired seat trims that hits close to the French clothing brand’s overall style.

Suffice to say, the Citroen Lacoste Concept looks nothing like a standard vehicle. Suited more to be described either as a futuristic buggy or a door-less sporty off-roader, the concept vehicle is powered by a three-cylinder engine that comes with sufficient performance numbers to power a vehicle of this size and weight. Although the vehicle is nothing more than a concept, we have to admit that we’re digging the whole quirky and sporty look to it. It may not hit production blocks anytime soon, but we’re still looking forward to seeing this vehicle hit the showroom floor of the Paris Motor Show. If for nothing else, it should add some color and energy to the multi-day auto event.


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