Citroen DS models have been around since 2010, but in June of 2014, the DS brand name was brought back to life. When Citroen revived the brand name, the idea was to help restore the premium sector of the auto industry in France, while staying true to the qualities of the original DS that was created back in 1955. Currently the brand has five different models in its lineup , including the DS 3, 4 and 5 in the French market, as well as the 2014 DS 5LS and DS 6 in the Chinese market. DS even has its own network of sales locations throughout China. The brand has sold over a half-million vehicles since it’s launch in 2014, and has also developed a hybrid-diesel 4x4 drivetrain for its DS5 model.

Now, just a year after the brand’s revival, DS has created a new division called DS Performance. The new division aims to bring expertise and technological advances to the DS Virgin Racing Team and its DSV-01 Formula E race car. So far, DS Performance has completely designed the electric motor, transmission, rear suspension and cooling system for the DSV-01. DS performance will be a supporting factor to the Virgin Racing Team through the next Formula E season. Further advancements will include the development of all-electric and plug-in hybrid models for the DS brand.

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Considering the DS brand was revived just a year ago, I’m a little surprised to see a performance division come about so quickly, but I suspect involvement with Formula E had a lot to do with it. I’m curious to see how the divison impacts the DSV-01 and the Virgin Racing Team over the next Formula E season. Perhaps this performance division will eventually lead to more performance-based production vehicles and more premium hybrid vehicles in the coming years.

2012 Citroen DS3 Racing "Sebastien Loeb Edition"

2012 Citroen DS3 Racing Sebastien Loeb Special Edition Exterior
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Press Release

DS Automobiles is pleased to announce the creation of its motor sport division, DS Performance. DS Performance is contributing its technological expertise in Formula E research and development to the DS Virgin Racing team. Based at the future PSA Excellence Centre in Satory, DS Performance is directed by Yves Matton.

Harnessing its technological expertise and galvanised by Yves Matton’s successes in the WRC and WTCC, the engineers at DS Performance have developed the entire drivetrain of the DSV-01, including the electric motor and gearbox. DS Performance has also designed its cooling system, rear suspension and transmission. The motor management system was designed in partnership with Magneti Marelli.

DS Performance will support DS Virgin Racing throughout the upcoming Formula E season, enabling Sam Bird and Jean-Eric Vergne to maximise the performance of the race cars.

“More than a simple R&D laboratory, DS Performance will stand as a true showcase of the technological expertise and avant-garde spirit of the DS brand. It was a natural move for us to call on Yves Matton and his teams, multiple WRC and WTCC world champions, to develop the all-electric DSV-01 race car.” – Yves Bonnefont, CEO of DS Automobiles.

“I am very proud that DS has called on us to succeed in the new challenge of developing the DSV-01. After the work accomplished in the last few months, the success of the initial official tests of the DSV-01 with Sam Bird and Jean-Eric Vergne was a great source of satisfaction for my teams and myself. We are going to support DS Virgin Racing and work together from Beijing to London to add motor sport success to the DS brand’s accomplishments.” – Yves Matton, Director of DS Performance.

About DS Performance

DS Performance is the motor sport division of the DS brand. The experience acquired by DS Performance in the FIA Formula E Championship contributes to the development of electric technologies. The new division will step up R&D in new technologies such as plug-in hybrids and all-electric power that the PSA Group is already working on and that will benefit the DS brand in the long term.

About DS Automobiles

A French brand born in Paris, DS was officially founded on 1 June 2014. Its stated ambition is to revive the tradition of premium vehicles in the French automotive industry. Drawing on the very best of French know-how, DS perpetuates the values of innovation and distinction inherited from the first DS, launched in 1955. Designed for customers looking for a means to express themselves as individuals, the DS range now comprises DS 3, DS 3 Cabrio, DS 4, DS 5, DS 5LS* and DS 6*. The DS range combines exceptional styling, sensations and refinement with premium materials and advanced technology, such as the Hybrid 4x4 diesel hybrid drivetrain available on DS 5. Distributed in Europe through DS Stores or dedicated showrooms in the Citroën network, DS boasts its own network of sales outlets in China. For customers, DS has come to represent a brand experience that goes beyond the product to include a range of exclusive premium services. The brand has sold more than 550,000 vehicles since launch.

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