Citroen sure knows how to take advantage of the latest in video technology. In a bid to promote their latest hatchback the DS3, the French manufacturer has resorted to a video-game style feature that allows you to take control of a DS3 from a piece of printed out interactive pages that you have in your hands.

All you need to do is go to Citroen’s website, print out the pages, and hold them in front of your webcam. What follows is a unique interactive program that allows you to muss over the DS3 and place it in different situations, including one where you can take it out for a nice drive with the piece of paper you’re holding as your very own steering wheel.

It’s a fun way to get acquainted with Citroen’s latest hatchback. The quick tutorial at the company’s website is easy enough to get you up to speed with what you need to do to give this a shot.


Source: YouTube

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  (570) posted on 03.3.2010

That’s a sweet way to promote cars. Actually, I have learned to enjoy a lot of cars through racing games. Like the VW Golf. I liked it because of it’s performance on the Need For Speed games including the TT.

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