Yesterday we brought you a few images of the 2009 Chevrolet SS. Now, we have to tell you that the civilian who did that is in big trouble. Initially there were rumors that he was arrested, but shortly after that it was confirmed that he wasn’t. Either ways it seems that General Motors is very unhappy that his future was brought on the first pages of every magazine.

Although he wasn’t arrested or placed in police custody, it is sure that he won’t slip through only with his job lost, but he might also face criminal charges depending on the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

Source: TheGMSource

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  (780) posted on 10.12.2010

I saw the photos listed here and yawned, knowing exactly what I was looking at. GM, like Detroit, continues in its arrogance that it knows what the public wants, rather than look at what the public is actually buying (despite the public’s crack- addiction to SUV’s) and building products that last longer than the warranty period.

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