It’s not a clip from The Grand Tour, but it should be

The excitement surrounding the debut of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime has become more palpable as the days leading up to November 18, 2016 count down. Naturally, that excitement is spilling over in some cases, as this particular video of the trio looking for a “tame racing driver” has gained worldwide attention, but not for the reasons you might think.

See, the video features Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, the three ex-Top Gear hosts who are all embarking on a rollicking new adventure on The Grand Tour. The whole gang is back, or well, at least almost all of them. Conspicuous by his absence is The Stig, which has remained in Top Gear, partly because he probably couldn’t be bothered to do anything. Seriously, though, The Stig is a Top Gear property, hence he just couldn’t pack his bags like his three compadres did for a new show. This is where the video gets interesting because the whole premise of it is the trio’s search for a new tame racing driver. After asking everybody within shouting distance if they were race car drivers, the trio found a man who, many years ago, “used to work on a TV show.” Lo and behold, that man turned out to be none other than Ben Collins!

Naturally, the Internet went into a frenzy, thinking that The Grand Tour had tapped Collins as its new test driver. It makes a lot of sense on the surface considering Collins spent many years on Top Gear playing the role of The Stig before getting booted out of the show for revealing his identity. But now that Clarkson, Hammond, and May are also gone from Top Gear, the reunion of sorts had everybody talking.

Unfortunately, Collins’ appearance in the video is not exactly a confirmation of him joining The Grand Tour because the segment itself is not from the Amazon Prime Video show but from one of the trio’s barnstorming tours last year. We’ve included a link to a separate YouTube clip from one of these shows where the segment was shown on a big screen. Take note that the video was published on October 30, 2015, well before production for the show even began.

While that’s a bit disappointing, the segment certainly is not as we get to see the trio already in mid-season form, hilarious and impertinent as always.

Cross your fingers that Ben Collins appears on The Grand Tour

Since we still know very little about specific format of The Grand Tour, it’s not out of the question that we might still end up seeing Ben Collins in some capacity. I don’t think he’ll be a test driver in the vein of The Stig, but he could show up as a guest at some point and turn that episode into a full-blown shade-fest towards their former employers.

I for one will be looking forward to see what kind of conversations Clarkson, Hammond, and May have with Collins considering their shared history on Top Gear. For sure, I don’t foresee anybody holding back anything when it comes to Top Gear and that’s going to make for awesome television.

So yes, let’s hope that we see Ben Collins on The Grand Tour at some point in the future in some kind of capacity. The thought of seeing it happen is already getting me excited for the show’s debut on November 18.

Source: YouTube

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