The name might not be as good as we hoped, but it could have been way worse

Once BBC refused to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract and his two co-hosts, Richard Hammond and James May, walked off the Top Gear set, it didn’t take long for Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon to start considering a new show with the trio that would rival Top Gear. In the end, the three hosts managed to secure a $250 million, three-year deal with Amazon. Since then filming has already begun, and we’ve been patiently waiting for the first episode to be released on Amazon later this fall. There has been one big monkey wrench in the program, though. Up until now, the three were struggling to come up with a name for their new show.

Amazon execs were beating down the door on a daily asking about progress for a new name, and at the same time, lawyers were shooting down everything the trio could come up with. For a while “Gear Knobs” was looking promising, but legalities made that name a no-go as well. Fans of the show were constantly suggesting new names, and we even suggested the show use our name, TopSpeed. As it turns out, the show is going to have a name that nobody expected.

An announcement on Clarkson’s Twitter page just after 8 am this morning said “start the smoke. We have a name.” Just 16 minutes later, Clarkson tweeted again, announcing that the show would be called The Grand Tour or GT for short. That same Twitter post also mentioned that the show will come from a tent that will be put up in a different local every week. So, it looks like the debut of the show won’t be delayed due to the lack of a name, but it remains to be seen whether or not all the fans will approve of the new name.

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Why it matters

The trio has reportedly spent thousands in legal fees trying to come up with a name, and obviously, time was running out. Considering the show is being filmed in different locations every week, a name like The Grand Tour does make sense on one side of things, but it just doesn’t have the pizazz that we expected. As it turns out, not everyone is happy with the name. Around the same time Clarkson was tweeting about the new name, James May expressed his “unhappiness” in a tweet saying “I still think ‘Nigel’ was a better name.”

At this point, I think the lack of time had a little something to do with settling on this name, but sometimes that is the way it goes. On the brighter side of things, now that the name has been announced, the new show’s Facebook page has officially been unlocked and is displaying content that dates all the way back to July of 2015. So, if you’re with May on this one and not exactly pleased with the new name, you might as well take a look at all the content on the Facebook page. Surely, there is something there to ease the pain. Besides, the show will be just as awesome, regardless of the name.

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