• Classic Tuning: 400 HP Mitsubishi EVO II RS

Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution story has a long heritage, currently being in its tenth rendition it is easy to forget about the cars that came before, because without turbo all wheel drive rally rockets like this Evolution II RS we wouldn’t have the 300 HP EVO X of today. Made between January of 1994 and August of 1995, Mitsubishi released what would become the first in a long line of reworked Evos with a set of wider tires and some tweaks to the suspension. The cars were still understated, but with that face full of front mount filling in the front bumper you know that there is something special about an Evo.

Classic Tuning: 400 HP Mitsubishi EVO II RS
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This particular EVO II wears a pair of smooth GSR bumpers and a set of fine looking Enkei NT-03 wheels measuring 17 inches in diameter and wheel gap is eliminated thanks to the fully adjustable TEIN coil overs. Under the hood is where the magic happens when it comes to these cars. The trusty old iron block 4G63 2.0 liter four banger has been upgraded with quality upgrades like a reinforced rotating assembly, balanced bottom end, ported head with a 3 angle valve job and exotic materials like titanium retainers. The has been stuffed with high end names from Japan like JUN and HKS.

The snail is a Garrett GT35/40 turbocharger that offers big power without too much lag. The hot air is made combustible thanks to a set of 880 cc injectors being controlled by a Link EMS. When tuned correctly, the car is capable of putting out 400 HP, quite a jump from the original 250 HP. The Evo II has ran a bet quarter mile time of 11.02 seconds at 126 MPH running on a set of 15 inch Dunlop semi slicks. The interior of this serious a machine is kept simple and is purpuse built with a pair of Recaro race buckets and a few necessary instruments to keep things from going into the red.


Source: Speed Hunters

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