• Classic tuning: the first Cargraphic 911

This white 1982 Porsche 911 is the vehicle that started it all for the German aftermarket company Cargraphic. The vehicle was originally purchased second hand in 1985 by Thomas and Michael Schnarr, founders of Cargraphic, and modified to showcase the budding tuners abilities. The 911 started off as a "G type" witha 3.0 liter flat six producing 204 HP, by the time that the two men were finished with the Porsche it was making 285 HP, weighed in at just over 2,300 lbs. (1050 Kg) and could reach speeds in excess of 175 MPH (285 km/h).

Modifications to the power train began with a Cargraphic Mass Air flow sensor from a larger 3.6 liter motor to register the added air, a G50 trans axle with better gear ratios, a reprogrammed computer to make it all works and a RUF-CTR oil cooler to keep temperatures withing operating range for the air cooled engine. The engine also benefits from a set of Cup manifolds and a GT exhaust made in house by Cargraphic.

The car sits on a special Bilstein suspension with Cargraphic turbo sport torsion bars. The gentlemen also fitted a sway bar kit, three part strut braces and stiffer suspension bushings in order to make the tail heavy Porsche handle better. For founder Thomas the suspension setup is just as important as the peak output in order for a quick car and to turn fast laps.

Inside each wheel well are 18 inch Cargraphic racing wheels that measured 8.5 inches up front and 10 inches in the rear. Aerodynamic upgrades consisted of RUF front and rear spoilers.

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Press release:

RETRO CLASSICS will be held at Stuttgart this year from 13th to 15th of March. With over 100.000 m2 display area, it is the most important Exhibition of its type to be staged in Europe.

The White 1982 Porsche 911 exhibited by Cargraphic at the RETRO CLASSICS

Exhibition this year is the first Porsche Thomas & Michael Schnarr (the founders of Cargraphic) purchased.

The car was bought in 1985 second hand and started life as a 911 "G Type" 3.0Ltr with a power out put of 204 HP. Now even by today’s modern standards the car is quick with a power output of 285 HP and a weight of only 1050 kilos it will reach a top speed in access of 285 km/h.

Some of the modifications include a Cargraphic mass flow sensor kit from a 3.6Ltr motor, a G50 gearbox, a programmed control unit with a RUF-CTR oil cooler system, a special Bilstein suspension setup with Cargraphic turbo sport torsion bars. Also to add to the car’s driving dynamics a sway bar kit, three part strut brace and stronger suspension bushes have been added. For Thomas the suspension setup is equally as important as the power output for a quick car and to achieve fast lap times.

The twin Cup manifolds and GT exhaust system are of course from Cargraphic’s own exhaust company based in the UK. The front and rear spoilers were from RUF Automotive who back in 1985 were probably one of the most innovative designers around.

8½" and 10" x 18" Cargraphic racing wheels are fitted, the wheels like the exhaust system are designed and manufactured at Cargraphic’s own wheel factory. The Cargraphic Philosophy is that the more products that are manufactured "in house" the more you have the ultimate control over quality, design, development and production.

The White 911 is no longer owned by Thomas & Michael Schnarr and has been kindly lent for the show by the new owner, who is an old Landau school friend which means they can still enjoy the car.

To complement the 911 on the RETRO CLASSICS stand are a Porsche 993 Cup car from Dirk Müller, winner of the Carrera Cup in 1998 and a Porsche 993 Cup car, attending the 2009 Porsche Classic Car Trophy and owned by Kurt Ecke of RDM Racing a long standing and very close friend of the Schnarr brothers.

If you are unfortunate to miss the RETRO CLASSICS show the cars can be seen again at the TECHNO CLASSICA ESSEN from April 1st to April 5th.

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  (314) posted on 05.11.2009

I checked cargrpahic site and it was cool, very simple and efficient site, easy to navigate it gives you more reason to check more about thier products.

  (289) posted on 05.11.2009

I think its not only the better equipped engine features that cargraphic is proud of but also with its 3 piece wheels. I like it.

  (318) posted on 05.11.2009

Seing your old sports car gets a new leash with the better technology and new tuning concepts we have today, you could just imagine if these were all possible 10 or 20 year ago...

  (421) posted on 05.11.2009

I like the idea of doing a retro classic, especially to cars that we know deserves special tuning that will complement the comtemporary styling and power adjustments.

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