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Halloween may have come and gone, but it’s never too late to explore the weird, the bizarre, and the downright frightening things that go bump in the night. If you’ve got the nerve, then we challenge you to look through these utterly profane vehicle renderings, courtesy of the good folks from Click Mechanic. Truth be told, no one is safe from the following strange creations – hybrids, muscle cars, imports, supercars, trucks, and even tractors get tossed into the blender with these seven unholy car mashups.

Call it madness, call it lunacy, call it outlandish… truth be told, we simply can’t look away! Hell, we’d actually argue that some of these creations are a bit, well, awesome (no, seriously). Either way, this is what happens when you give rendering artists free reign to mix and match from across the automotive spectrum. Naturally, we wanna know – which is these shocking mashups stands out the most to you? Let us know in the comments!

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BMW i8 and Dodge Charger

Click Mechanic Renders 7 Utterly Bizarre Car Mashups
- image 743946
BMW i8 Dodge Charger

Kicking things off, we got two wildly different takes on what it means to be fast. On one side, we’ve got the hybrid-powered BMW i8, a cutting-edge, CFRP-laden spaceship, while on the other side, we’ve got the old school muscle legend that is the Dodge Charger. I guess this is what happens when you put them together, complete with laser headlights and topped by a massive blower. It’s like a sustainable flamethrower, or an eco-conscious chainsaw. Wait, what?!

Bugatti Chiron and Volkswagen Beetle

Click Mechanic Renders 7 Utterly Bizarre Car Mashups
- image 743947
Bugatti Chiron VW Beetle

Originally created as a vehicle for the people, the VW bug was about simplicity and low cost, offered as a modest approach to moving from A to B. Then we have the 1,500-horsepower, ultra-complex, quad-turbo Bugatti Chiron, a rolling statement of wealth and prestige that screams for attention. Talk about opposites, and yet, the pieces seem to fit together quite nicely here…

Pagani Huayra and First-Generation Chevrolet Camaro

Click Mechanic Renders 7 Utterly Bizarre Car Mashups
- image 743948
Pagani Huayra Camaro Classic

Now this one is just flat out weird. We never, in a million billion years, would have thought about infusing the gorgeous top-shelf Italian styling of the Pagani Huayra with the good-old-boy chic of the original Chevy Camaro. This thing is an abomination, no doubt about it, and yet, we can’t look away. The flat black paint, the chrome trim, the mid-engine proportions, the polished hubcaps… would you call us crazy if we admitted to thinking this thing actually, kinda… works?! Yes, you would? Fair enough.

Nissan GT-R And Nissan Juke

Click Mechanic Renders 7 Utterly Bizarre Car Mashups
- image 743949
Nissan GTR Nissan Juke

If you ask us, this is the kind of machine that would manage to simultaneously make your little niece squeal with delight over its cuteness, then go off and rip your dedicated sports car to shreds on the track. The body shape says Juke, while that front end and rear wing are pure GT-R. Maybe we shouldn’t give Nissan any ideas – after all, the 485-horse Juke-R is already a thing, so we know this mashup isn’t a total impossibility.

Ford GT and Ford Raptor

Click Mechanic Renders 7 Utterly Bizarre Car Mashups
- image 743950
Ford GT 2017 Ford Raptor

We know the Blue Oval has a variety of vehicles at its disposal when it comes to going fast. Wanna smash the local lap record? Climb aboard the Ford GT, a carbon fiber supercar made for domination at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. What about flying over rough terrain? In that case, saddle up in the Ford Raptor, an off-road specialist ready to conquer the rough stuff and all of Mother Nature. But what if you wanna do both?

Lamborghini Aventador and Lamborghini Tractor

Click Mechanic Renders 7 Utterly Bizarre Car Mashups
- image 743951
Lamborghini Aventador Lamborghini Tractor

Believe it or not, Lambo was originally a manufacturer of farm equipment before it branched off into making high-dollar exotics. In fact, the Italian marque is still making tractors today as Lamborghini Trattori. So then, the above is what you get when you do a little inter-company cross-pollination. All we see is the perfect conveyance for ripping mean four-wheel drifts across freshly plowed fields.

Ferrari LaFerrari and Fiat Multipla

Click Mechanic Renders 7 Utterly Bizarre Car Mashups
- image 743952
Ferrari Laferrari Fiat Multipla

Take the jaw-dropping body of the Ferrari squared, then plop a dollop of Fiat MPV in the middle, and this is the result. Yikes. At least it’s one of the more, eh, practical Prancing Horses we’ve seen. Right? Maybe?!

Source: Click Mechanic

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