The Kelley Corvette is the product of American design and Italian coachbuilding

There are many different versions of the “American dream.” Some equate it to having a great job while others define it as having the perfect family. Then there are people like John Breslow who have far more specific definitions of this mythical standard for happiness.

See, Breslow is the proud owner – or custodian, as he puts it – of the Kelley Corvette, a one-of-a-kind, coach-built Corvette that was penned by one Gordon Kelley and built in collaboration with Italian coachbuilder Vignale back in 1962. The end result of that partnership was the Kelley Corvette, arguably one of the most incredible-looking coach built Corvettes ever seen. The Kelley Corvette was so popular in its day that it even headlined major auto shows back in the 60’s, as well as gracing a handful of magazine covers.

But even with these distinctions, none is more impressive than the fact that 54 years after it was built, the Kelley Corvette still looks like a million bucks. That’s where Breslow takes the credit. Not only does he take the time to really care for this car, but he also makes sure that it doesn’t sit in a garage to collect dust and rust.

Watching Breslow drive the Kelley Corvette in the picturesque landscapes of Montana will give you a newfound appreciation of the man and the car he calls “a Van Gogh you can drive.”

At the end of the day, at least for Breslow, being able to drive and enjoy the Kelley Corvette is his definition of the American dream.


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