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The 2009 Ford Flex won’t arrive in showrooms until the summer of 2008, but in the meantime Ford is taking out a few pre-production models on a pseudo-publicity tour. Read on to find out more!

Ford has some pretty big hopes for its 2009 Flex. FoMoCo has abandoned the traditional minivan market and decided to attack the family hauler segment from several different angles: Edge, Taurus X and the 2009 Flex. Bystanders have described the Flex as a “Scion on steroids” and a really big Mini Cooper. Say what you will, the Flex will stand out in a parking lot (at least at first).

Just like parents sending their kids to pre-school to learn the ropes before kindergarten, Ford is doing its best to promote its Flex before next summer’s on-sale date. There is the usual auto show circuit, but Ford has gone one step further and enlisted its engineers as Flex ambassadors. While conducting final shakedown runs, the engineers will engage the public when questions are asked rather than trying to run away. To help things along, Ford has created “calling cards” for the Flex engineers to hand out. When you hear the term “calling card” don’t think minutes but rather Sense & Sensibility where a visitor would give his card to introduce himself in the hopes of later returning for an in person visit. 
Please note, at this point I would like to disavow being a Sense & Sensibility fan. While it is true that I have seen the movie once on my own, my lovely wife has subjected me to repeated viewings as it is one of her favorite films of all time.
Okay, now where was I? Oh yes, the Ford Flex calling cards. Ford is hoping that these cards will serve as a reminder for those who have encountered the Flex in person to go online and learn more about the vehicle. On the front side of the card is a picture of the 2009 Flex and on the other side is the website for the model: www.fordflex.com
The USA Today article does not mention how much longer the Flex fleet will be out and about, but I would expect Ford to be testing the vehicles right up to the launch date.

Source: Source: USA Today

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