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We’ll admit it - campervans aren’t exactly our thing over here at TopSpeed. We’re usually more concerned about horsepower and cornering grip than we are the number of beds you can find onboard. However, we like to keep an open mind, and who knows - maybe if Rolls Royce, or Tesla, or Ferrari made a campervan, it might grab our attention? Luckily, comparethemarket.comwent about rendering seven such creations, and we’ve got ‘em all right here for your reading and viewing enjoyment.

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Alfa Romeo

Compare The Market Renders 7 Campervans From Luxury Car Brands
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Usually, campervans are designed from the inside out, with very little consideration paid to exterior aesthetics. But that’s certainly not the case with this model from Alfa Romeo, which comes with the Italian brand’s characteristic styling features, including shapely headlight housings, a trio of intakes up front, and wheels that look like they were plucked directly from a 4C. This is the sort of thing you’d get if the Stelvio just wasn’t spacious enough.

Rolls Royce

Compare The Market Renders 7 Campervans From Luxury Car Brands
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Comfort and presence have always been two hallmark characteristics of the Rolls Royce brand, and this campervan is sure to bring generous helpings of both. As expected, the size of this thing is titanic, like some kind of luxury apartment on wheels, and it comes complete with a cooler that extends out from the rear to serve up a glass of your favorite bubbly. There’s even a small stairway that juts off the flanks, complete with hand railing, easing ingress and egress in the process. Inside, the roof comes covered by Rolls’ Starlight headliner, while a tall-slat grille and the Spirit of Ecstasy class it up in the front. If the new Rolls Royce Cullinan doesn’t do it for ya, maybe this will fit the bill.


Compare The Market Renders 7 Campervans From Luxury Car Brands
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Tesla is known for extending its range of all-electric luxury vehicles into all sorts of weird and wacky segments, and quite frankly, a Tesla campervan doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. Rocking a fascia that draws inspiration from the Tesla Semi truck unveiled late last year, you can be sure this thing is whisper quiet while on the move. Up top is a separate sleeping area, accessible via stairs in the rear, complete with loads of open windows to drink in the surrounding environment.


Compare The Market Renders 7 Campervans From Luxury Car Brands
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Large-and-in-charge luxury SUVs is certainly a BMW forte, which sets the stage quite nicely for a full-fledged campervan model. Up front, this thing comes packing with the iconic BMW kidney grille, while M-branded blue brake calipers take up residence in the corners. We’re guessing a twin-turbo V-8 for motivation, just like the BMW X6 M, plus the potential for performance tuning at the Nurburgring. If the rear passenger room and cargo space isn’t up to snuff, no problem - just hitch up the optional tow pod.


Compare The Market Renders 7 Campervans From Luxury Car Brands
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Oh, the blasphemy. Never mind turbocharged engines and SUVs, this thing is the purist’s worst nightmare. But hey, this is Ferrari we’re talking about - we all know it’ll sell, right? Stuff in V-12 motivation, make it handle like a sports car, and keep the production numbers low, and we’re sure there’s plenty of collectors out there that would jump at the opportunity to get one into their climate-controlled garages.


Compare The Market Renders 7 Campervans From Luxury Car Brands
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Now this is more like it. From the makers of the Escalade, a Cadillac Campervan actually feels pretty right. We’re digging the flip-up rear end, and all the chrome adorning the exterior. No worries if it handles like a boat - that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?


Compare The Market Renders 7 Campervans From Luxury Car Brands
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Maybach is known for creating some truly stunning luxury machines, including versions of the Mercedes S-Class that encapsulate passengers in endless levels of luxury and opulence. This campervan iteration looks like it brings the same good stuff, including a glass roof box and extra space towed in the rear, not to mention acres and acres of polished metal for the exterior. If ever there was a red carpet-appropriate campervan, this is it.

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