Inspired by the legendary Cooper Climax F1 car of the late 50’s, The Climax is a modern take on a British sports car, designed with the motoring enthusiast in mind. The car is a two seater with ample weekend away space. Powered by ethanol, The Climax offers competitive performance figures comparable to the Lotus Elise. The driver can programme the car via their lap top and make adjustments to the car’s ECU using the Climax Control, enabling the car to be used on the road or as a track-day racer.

The Concept Climax is the brainchild of three Coventry University Auto Design students. They believe the current trend towards environmentally friendly vehicles does not have to include dull designs or small city cars. They have created a two-seater sports car that can run on ethanol fuel and offers performance figures similar to a Lotus Elise. Further enhancements include bringing F1 technology to the high street. Drivers of the Climax will be able to programme their fuel intake via their laptop and make the adjustments to the car’s ECU using the Climax Control and a USB Key.

“We wish to bring Coventry back into the automotive limelight by reinventing the car of the future,” says Concept Climax M.D. Simon Long.

“The inspiration for the car came from the need to decrease our dependency on oil while at the same time offering the motorist an eye catching, realistic alternative to existing sports cars. By allowing the driver to adjust the ECU with their USB Key they can control the intensity of the driving experience,” adds Long. The car is all about the driving experience - the deliberate lack of doors means that climbing into the car will evoke memories of classic, Le Mans type race cars, complete with flip up aero-screen. It is a British designed mid-engined sports car for the twenty-first century. “Inspiration for the design came form the legendary Cooper Climax F1 car of the 50’s,” says Long. The Climax is drawing on Britain’s vast Motorsport Heritage while keeping a firm eye to the future.

The Climax team have sourced components from the vast auto-parts industry in the Midlands, proving their commitment to the British motor industry. Koni (Shock Absorbers), Alcon (Brakes) and Dymag (Carbon wheels) have also been involved since the early development stages.

Further features include low emissions from the ethanol powered flat four engine offering 270 BHP at 6500 RPM as standard. The lightweight design will further enhance the efficiency of the vehicle while at the same time adding to the precise handling and the class beating acceleration of the car.

The Climax is not a retro-car, it is a modern sports car designed with the discerning enthusiast in mind. Concept Climax Ltd have reinvented the British Sports Car - offering a unique driving experience in an environmentally friendly vehicle. It is purely a driver’s car - a stripped out racer with ample weekend away space. The car is designed around its users - and ergonomics played a vital role in the interior design stage.


Performance (standard spec)

  • Power 270 Bhp @ 6500rpm
  • Torque 256 lbft @ 3600rpm
  • Transmission 5 speed manual
  • 0-60 3.4 sec
  • Top speed 160 mph
  • Power to weight 494 bhp/ton
  • Fuel Consumption 24mpg urban, 30mpg Touring
  • Weight 546 kg
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