Connaught has announced that the 300 hp Type-D will go into production next year. Th company will team up with Caparo. Connaught plans to start building cars in June 2008 with first customer deliveries in August.

The steel and composite chassis for Connaught’s Type-D will be supplied by Caparo’s vehicle engineering division, which is rapidly developing into a multinational parts and engineering services supplier.

Caparo will source and build the Type-D’s ‘superleggera’-style chassis and body, featuring a laser-cut and folded stainless steel platform, a steel tube upper structure and carbon composite body panels.

Source: AutoCar

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tango  (372) posted on 11.28.2007

I am more than a little tired of these little sports car manufacturers that pop up out of the cracks all the time with claims of this and that. When will a small economy or family car builder come about? Preferably with a diesel engine, please.

tango  (132) posted on 11.28.2007

wonder what the price would be on this thing smiley

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 11.28.2007

the Connaught Type D begins this year, and the first consumer models are expected to be delivered in early 2008.The first model will be the limited edition four-seater, the Connaught Type D GT Syracuse, with a V10 two-liter supercharged 300hp engine.
The Syracuse will be followed by the hybrid version the Connaught Type-D V10 sports coupe. The coupe will be powered by a V10 hybrid gasoline/electric engine that will deliver a top speed of 150 miles per hour (mph), with 0 to 60mph acceleration in 6.2 seconds and 42 miles per gallon.

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