We haven’t seen a beatdown this bad since Goldberg squashed Brock Lesnar in 2016

Consumer Reports does not like the new GMC Terrain. Actually, that might be an understatement of its own because the publication just laid the smackdown on the new Terrain, squashing the SUV in one of the most damning video reviews we’ve seen in a while. There was a lot said in the space of three minutes, and almost all of them were criticisms of the Terrain. It may only be an opinion of one man — in this case, Autos Editor Mike Quincy — but the beatdown isn’t going to make the Terrain look any better in the eyes of consumers.

Yikes. Consumer Reports Autos Editor Mike Quincy didn’t hold back in his assessment of the GMC Terrain. He starts off by calling the SUV “dull when negotiating turns” because of its “vague steering and noticeable body weight.” Not content with just one criticism, Quincy turned his attention to the SUV’s interior, calling it “low rent with lots of drab, hard plastic.” He also took the rear seats to task for being “hard and flat,” before following that up by pointing out the inconvenience of the rising beltline and the minuscule third-row side windows.

As if those pointed remarks weren’t damning enough by themselves, Quincy also complained about the interior noise, all thanks to the wind noise and the “groaning” sound of what he described as an unrefined engine.

Consumer Reports Rips the 2018 GMC Terrain to Shreds in its Latest Review
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To be fair, Quincy did have a few positive things to say about the Terrain, most notably the layout of the cabin, the comfortable front seats, and the spacious cargo, particularly when the clunky rear seats are folded completely.

Unfortunately, even Quincy’s compliments weren’t enough for Consumer Reports to identify the GMC Terrain as a model that’s worth your hard-earned money. The publication may not be the foremost of authorities as far as car reviews are concerned, but it does know what it’s talking about in this case. As appealing as the Terrain is, it feels like GMC could’ve done a lot more with it that it did.

Most of the elements that would’ve made the Terrain a special model were left on the table, leaving us with a version that does leave a lot to be desired.


2018 GMC Terrain High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
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