Though it has yet to be confirmed by company big-wigs, Automotive News has reported that Porsche is on its way to making a convertible version of the Porsche Panamera.

Unlike the standard hard-top Panamera, the convertible version will come in a two-door variety, partly to increase the car’s rigidity to compensate for the added weight that comes with the soon-to-be-added soft-top roof.

For its part, Porsche has remained tight-lipped on the matter although if we can take history as precedence, it would only be a matter of time before a convertible Panamera moves its way into production.

According to Wolfgang Duerheimer, Porsche’s development head, “We have a broad range of 14 derivatives of the 911 that are very successful.”

"So it stands to reason we should diversify the line-up for the Panamera as well,” he adds.

It’s been a standard practice for Porsche to produce off-shoot versions of cars that have been successful out on the market, something the Panamera is slowly becoming. Adding even more weight on the situation is the Volkswagen factor. Since VW’s takeover of Porsche, the latter’s resources have quantified, making it even more plausible for us to see a convertible Panamera seeing the light of the day pretty soon.


Source: Car Connection

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