Chevrolet announced that the Convertible version of the Camaro originally expected in mid-2009 is on hold. General Motors seems to be delaying or putting much of its product line "on hold" while it tries to cut costs. Rumors are beginning to peg GM’s future hopes on the solely on the Volt and the Cruze (the latter also being delayed.) So if all goes well at GM (and that may take more than keep your fingers crossed,) then an open top Camaro may be back for the 2011 model year.

Across Detroit, Chrysler is confirming there will be no Challenger convertible. This isn’t quite as big a shocker because unlike the Camaro, the Challenger was never meant to be a convertible. There was a Challenger convertible shown at SEMA, but that was from a customization house. This may have fueled a few rumors about a factory topless job, but Chrysler did not develop the car to facilitate the structural loss that would come with chopping off the top. So while many Mopar fans would love an open top Challenger, as reported last month, it never was in the cards.

What does all this mean? Well it’s good new for Ford, whose Mustang convertible will get to continue on as the only retro convertible on the block.


Source: MotorTrend

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