Little known outside of Asia, Mitsuoka Motor Co. is a smaller Japanese car manufacturer that primarily builds retro-looking automobiles that are usually to some extent derivative of well-known classic cars from England. By contrast, the mid-engine Orochi is definitely a bold and original styling statement. There doesn’t appear to be much information available on this concept. Early reports were that the first showcars put on display did not run. Though that may have been true, the one picture does show that they did get at least as far as an operable and road-going prototype.

The Orochi was originally based on Honda’s NSX supercar and although there are no details of the Nude Top Orochi, we suspect it still is. Just before you dismiss this as just another supercar story, check out the Le-Seyde which is just one of seven limited production models manufactured by the company. It has been in production since 1990 and is still based on a domestic 2.0 litre Japanese production model but we think it looks fabby.

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